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A mindset-first approach to healing from burnout and depression.

I'll show you exactly how i reclaimed my vitality & purpose

Tired of taking the backseat in your life, feeling depressed and burnt out and ready to learn the steps to take to shift into the driver's seat?


What to expect

Get cozy and get ready to have your questions answered about how to free yourself from the shackles of exhaustion, PMS and depression. We'll have 1 hour together, LIVE, so you can ask me anything!

Dr. Jada Naturopathic Doctor

What I will cover

What is going on with your hormones?

There is a such a wild inter-play of hormones happening behind the curtain when it comes to burnout and depression. Oftentimes, our biology is driving the bus and without balancing these hormones, it is hard work to get well. 

Mindset Shifts and Healing Core Wounds

The way we think, feel and believe about our lives creates either a sense of empowerment or a sense of hopelessness. By addressing core wounds and connecting back into a place of power, we come home to who we are meant to be - purposeful, powerful and playful.

Creating lifestyle changes that stick

I can't stress enough how important self-compassion is when finding your way towards balance in your lifestyle habits. This is a foundational piece of recovering as it's literally the engine that's driving the healing. Accountability is NECESSARY!

Here's what you'll learn

Hormone balance is possible with the power of a proven formula:

Awareness + Expertise = Healing!

Combining the understanding of exactly which hormones and systems are out of balance and how to support this imbalance is the sweet spot!

Narrow down on what the root causes are to your symptoms  as well as get clear about which limiting beliefs may be holding you hostage.

Understand the how and the why we can find ourselves in the state of burnout and depression. 

Learn how you can pull yourself out of this state of feeling overwhelmed by harnessing hormones, optimal biology as well as mind-body medicine.

My expertise

Naturopathic Medicine

I am trained as a licensed Naturopath since 2008 with a clinical focus on women's health and hormones.

Energy Healing

Having completed Earning The Light Energy Healing Training with The School of The 8th Fire, I am currently enrolled in Way Of The Medicine Keeper years 3 + 4. 

Group Health

I have lead in-person multi-day retreats as well as online group healing programs for women to empower themselves with health and healing.  

Personal Passion

After pulling myself out of the depths of burnout and depression utilizing hormone balance, holistic healing and energy medicine, I am passionate about helping others.

Clinical Experience

Over the last 14 years, I have learned a lot about what it takes to help women actually walk the walk back home to herself. 

I Care.

I am empathetic, intuitive and I believe that everyone ultimately has the answers they are seeking within. 

I have been where you are now...

I understand how heavy and hopeless you feel when you struggle to get through the day with any energy or passion for your life. 

Creating vibrancy and feeling like you are back in the drivers seat of your life is possible and I can show you one of the options you have to get there. 

jada macleod

Naturopathic Doctor and Energy Healer

It's never too late to make the changes you need to feel vibrant and in charge of your life.

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