Dr. Jada MacLeod is a naturopathic doctor, birth doula, entrepreneur and shamanic energy healer. Jada is the CEO and founder of Healing House and The Wise Woman Program. These programs are for clients who want to take back their energy, aliveness and heal mind, body and spirit. These online guided programs offer accountability, education and ongoing support. She maintains a private practice with Healing House Online, working to support the health and aliveness of women travelling through different chapters of their lives.

As an ND, Jada is immensely passionate about helping women thrive after years of neglecting their health and their dreams.  Jada graduated with distinction from both the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) as well as Trent University, where she received an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a specialization in environmental geography. Following graduation, Jada moved to Ottawa and founded Healing House, an integrative health clinic that has grown to include 8 alternative health practitioners. After her first 10 years in private practice, she realized that she wanted to dove-tail her Naturopathic Medicine modalities with energy healing to be able to help women thrive on all layers of their health; mind, body and spirit.

"I am excited you have decided to 'stop by' my online space and learn more about me. I will do my best to give you an idea of what I am all about.
One of the most exciting things for me is to witness someone tune into their inner wisdom and feel the upsurge of their inner joy, power and lightness. For me, it's that moment when a person decides to put down their old story in order to look up and see different, exciting and expansive possibilities waiting for them. Allowing others to 'wake up' to their truth is where I find my bliss. And I am following it!

As they say, you teach what you need to learn. I have swam in that sea of fog, disconnect and discontent (I still sometimes take a quick dip!) and I know how important it is to come up for air. I know how life-changing it can be to lift yourself out of that into more wisdom. Wisdom that comes from within.

I am sure there are many paths you can take to better health and I am sure that every one of us needs our own, unique, path. When someone tells me what to do, I generally do the other thing. Why? It might be my stubborn blood (I am Scottish after all!) or it might be the fact that it is so dis-empowering to be told the answers before we are able to look within. The looking within isn't always easy and it isn't always available to us. It takes some new learning and I may be able to help you along that path of inner-awareness.

I try to practice what I preach but I am also on my own path and constantly learning. I believe in experiences over stuff, authenticity over always being put together and honouring our inner truth, even if it's hard to hear at first. I lean on mother nature for guidance and nourishment."   - Dr. Jada Macleod

Naturopathic Doctor & Energy Healer

In 2017 Jada started studying with Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man and received Medicine Rites under his teachings based on energy healing and journeying. She is deeply immersed in these teachings in her own life as well as with the women she works with in her private practice in her online program, The Flourish Method. During this time she also studied yoga and received her 200-hr Yoga teacher training.

One of Jada’s passions is to spend immersive time with clients on retreats where she can deep-dive into teaching and holding space for healing. These experiences are so fulfilling for Jada to watch her clients begin to release all that is not who they are in order to step into their fullness. Jada is a guide along the journey of uncovering your truth and aliveness, and she is walking that path herself. 

As a clinician, Jada’s focus is centred on women’s health in all chapters of their lives. She has a strong interest and post-graduate training in hormonal health and digestive health issues, as well as the management of chronic diseases.

Personal Info

I spend my time outside of my private practice learning and exploring. I love being in nature and being active especially in spontaneous ways. Last-minute camping adventures, long meandering bike rides and having my bare-feet on the ground are ways I reconnect to my free-spirit. I love attending births as a Doula, learning new healthy ways to prepare dinner/dessert and having deep, meaningful connections with my friends and family. Oh, and I have a cat, named Kitty.

Dr. Jada MacLeod is fully licensed to provide Naturopathic Medical services. Most insurance is accepted.

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