Online Programs

Take back control of your health in mind, body and spirit with educational classes, community support and access to Dr. Jada on a weekly basis for deeper accountability.


Work with Dr. Jada ND on a weekly basis to help keep you on track with your lifestyle and nutrition changes. Touching base every week keeps the momentum rolling!

Group support

Be a part of a team of other women who are supportive and welcoming for extra motivation. Learn from one another and grow as a group.


Have access to the resources, modules, recipes and guided meditations for a lifetime.

You can go back and re-listen and learn at any time.

Cost effective

Working in a group program will save you money as you will have opportunities to check-in, ask questions and learn for a fraction of the price of working with Dr. Jada ND individually.

Hormone Harmony Program

For women wanting to take back their energy, recover from exhaustion, depression/anxiety, PMS and regulate and understand their hormones.

This is a longer-format program (6 months) to help keep you accountable as you integrate lifestyle, nutrition and supplement changes into your life.

Join anytime!

Perimenopause Program

For women struggling with the hormonal changes that come in their 40's and early 50's. If you want to support mood, weight, energy and menstrual cycle challenges, this is the perfect program for you.

Over 8 weeks, we set you up for an easier Perimenopause transition.

Fertility 101

Are you trying to get pregnant or thinking about trying to get pregnant soon and want to understand how you can optimize your fertility and do everything you can to ensure a healthy pregnancy, baby, birth and beyond? 

This is an 4-week program to help you know what to do, why and how to get more support if needed. 

Beat Burnout

There are many factors that affect our mental health, making anxiety and/or depression worse. If you have been struggling with burnout and looking for support for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual healing, this is for you. 

Over 3 months Dr. Jada ND and Randi Micklewright, psychotherapist, will lead you through a journey to understand how to support your mental health. 

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Not sure which program would most benefit you? You can contact me below and let me know what you are struggling with and I can help direct you to the best opportunity for working with me. 

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