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Dr. Jada MacLeod Naturopathic Doctor

A Clinical Focus on Women's Health

I work with women in all life stages, and with issues ranging from fertility to bone density. I help women heal and thrive. I work with digestive issues such as irritable bowl syndrome, and with auto-immune disorders. I work holistically and I can help you restore health, optimize your health, and live your best life!

Schedule Your Initial Online Consultation

Our initial appointment is 75 minutes and it takes place online (zoom). I will listen deeply to your health concerns, ask questions in order to understand more root cause and perhaps initiate testing and/or a treatment plan right away. We will chart the course of our work together based on the information gathering at this first appointment.  $225. Online via Zoom

I make it easy to connect.

I offer services virtually, through a secure telemedicine platform. Our visits are virtual and all programs and prescriptions are at your fingertips through my practice health app.

Whole being wellness.

The health plan I craft for you is based on supporting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All parts of you work together and our aim is wholistic wellness.

We go in the direction of health.

I work with you over the course of 3-6 months initially to create a container for healing. Ongoing, we chart a course that will move you in the direction of your best health, according to you.


Focused on Women and Wellness

I am have experience in prevention, treatment, and recovery for numerous issues women often face. Let's meet and create wellness everywhere!


No matter what stage of life you are in, prevention of illness and disease should be a part of your lifestyle. Let me help you focus on health now, rather than sickness later.


As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I can prescribe treatments and remedies that can help you heal. My focus is on natural and homeopathic solutions that have proven efficacy.

Recovery Focused

Chronic and progressive illness recovery, surgical recovery, and focused intervention. 

All Ages

I work with young and old, well and sick. Schedule your first consult with me and let's get started.


Naturopathic Medicine

I like to give my clients options and ensure that they know everything they need to know about their health in order to make an informed decision. Naturopathic Medicine involves taking the whole body into consideration and looking at the big picture. We investigate how symptoms may relate to one another and do testing to verify root causes to your issues.

Nature allows us to stimulate the body to heal itself with food, plant medicines, homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. Ultimately, the body heals itself when given the right environment. Also, the body doesn't work alone - the mind (thoughts) and emotions (feelings) as well as our belief patterns can play a role in determining our overall health. We look at all angles and weave these into your treatment plans. 

I don't like all or nothing, black or white approaches to health. When necessary, I refer you to your Medical Doctor for prescriptions or further testing, or to other wellness practitioners that may be able to assist you in a different way so that you are moving towards your health goals. I honour the path you would like to take to get there. 

The Flourish Method:
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