How Much Do You Know About
Fertility, Ovulation, & Pregnancy?

I have created this four-part online course to help you achieve your personal and family dreams.
Many factors, and many within your immediate control, impact fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy. In this course, you will learn the science of success and learn specific strategies you can use right now to improve your outcomes.

Four Video Modules and Printable Resources

In this self-paced online course, Dr. Jada shares the four key elements to create ovulation health, improve fertility, and enhance pregnancy. 

These vital keys can make a difference in your success. You have the ability to take action today, and achieve your goals.


Mind & Body

Learn how to accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you can. In this course Dr. Jada will show you step-by-step how to create reproductive health.

The Power of Your Body

By learning about the body and the mind you can decrease stress, and increase health. 

Learn how ovulation works, its timing, and how to get in sync.
Learn how stress impact fertility and how to control stress
Learn about fertility and what you can do to improve outcomes.

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Dr. Jada MacLeod is a naturopathic doctor, birth doula, entrepreneur and shamanic energy healer. Jada is the CEO and founder of Healing House and The Wise Woman Program. These programs are  for clients who want to take back their energy, aliveness and heal mind, body and spirit. These online guided programs offer accountability, education and ongoing support. She maintains a private practice with Healing House Online, working to support the health and aliveness of women travelling through different chapters of their lives.

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