Are you tired of feeling irritable, bloated, and out of control when it comes to your hormones?

Book in a free 20 min Clarity Call to see if the Wise Woman Program is a good fit for you.

I have Worked with hundreds of women, healing themselves and creating hormone harmony.
what I have learned has transformed their lives and my strategy can easily be yours!

My online course will teach you what I now know.

Do you crave that feeling of being comfortable in your skin, knowing what to expect throughout your month in regards to your mood and energy levels?

Hormones play a huge role in creating a quality of life that offers you glowing skin, exciting libido, weight regulation, energy and drive, clear focus and so much more.

15 years in the making

I began working with women's health since 2007. Since then I've helped women transition into glowing goddesses, in the birthing room, the bedroom and the boardroom (and everywhere in-between). 

Over these years, I've come to know what works and when, and what doesn't serve the divine feminine nature (i.e. strict diets). 

I combine the superpower strength of herbs and supplements, nutritional knowledge, lifestyle habits and mind-body healing to help gently nudge your hormones into better balance. 

I work with all of the systems in your being to do so - digestive, immune, neurological as well as the endocrine system. It's a full-spectrum approach. 

If I was allowed to leave a testimonial, it would sound like someone who's woken up to their own inherent healing ability and I wouldn't be able to take any credit for that


Naturopathic Doctor and Artist

How to get your plan
(and have fun doing it!)

Each client I work with walks away with their very own tailored plan to stimulate and support the systems that are out of balance and needing balance. This process started with testing, leads to interventions and allows us to monitor your progress over the course of at least 6 months. 

Course Modules Month 1 + 2

In this part of the program you'll learn:

lifestyle changes for adrenal health
support to begin healing the self-sabotage in your life
insulin's role in your symptoms and how to balance it
embracing the phases of your menstrual cycle
healing from addictive patterns that may be causing you to feel stuck

At the start of the program you'll also have your 1:1 consultation with your Naturopath to hone into the unique symptoms you present, your health history and to order lab tests for a full evaluation. 

You'll meet every 2 weeks in a group setting for 1 hour to connect with other women who are also on the path of hormonal harmony and sparking that libido for life. 

Course Module Months 3 + 4

In this module you'll learn:

the science behind exercise and body movement for women
how to heal from self-worth issues so you can bloom
lowering inflammation for gut and wholistic health
creating rituals to help support your nervous system
how all of the various hormones in our body mingle and dance
self-compassion for a path towards love vs judgement

You will dig deeper into the group connections, developing friends for life and weave together a strong web of like-minded souls. 

You and your Naturopathic Doctor will meet again for another 1:1 session to check in, go over lab tests and assess how your individualized plan is going. 

Course Module Month 5 + 6

In these modules you'll learn:

specific nutritional habits for hormone health
how to heal from self-abandonment and letting yourself down. 
foods and ways to eat to support your adrenals + cope with stress
thyroid support for ongoing metabolic health
connecting to your inner wise woman and manifestation
how to prepare for perimenopause and menopause transitions

At this point, you and the women in your bi-weekly group calls are a team. You have each other's backs, have become skilled at active listening and holding space, and know that you aren't alone. 

You last 1:1 appointment with your Naturopathic Doctor will be an opportunity for you to review your progress, review repeated lab tests and create a longer-term plan for you to follow. 

I'm pumped and ready to go... are you ready?

The benefits of my system

4 simple steps to success

A customized treatment plan tailored towards your unique hormonal imbalances and symptoms.

Enjoyable educational modules to help you take back power in balancing your hormones, long-term.

Group connections that will give you support, accountability and healing on a deep, soul level.

Harnessing the mind-body connection behind habits and blocks that could keep you stuck.

My system will help you with: 

Feeling liberated from mood swings, bloating and fatigue every month.
Creating energy and metabolic fire to stoke your life and body
Connecting to your intuitive feminine goddess.
Healing you sense of worth, being there for yourself and self-sabotage. 
Knowing your body, what it needs and how to create balance long-term.
Feeling comfortable and confident in your body.


I want you to know that I get you, I see you and I'll be with you every step of the way as you remember your inner vitality, balance and dreams.

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