Have you wondered what it’s like to see a virtual Naturopathic Doctor?

Imagine booking an appointment that you can squeeze in on your lunch-hour. No driving time. No parking. You can show up from the comfort of your home using Zoom technology. You can make a coffee or tea, grab your notebook and stay comfortable in your ‘at-home’ clothes.

When you meet with me initially, I do a lot of listening and ask a lot of questions. I am like Sherlock Holmes of your health. I want to know the full story, including when your symptoms began, what they have been like for you and exactly how you experience them.

During this information gathering, I am tracking the bigger picture and making links between the different systems in your body, what may be connected to what, what may be at the root cause level and how all of this may be connected in a mind-body relationship. I look at your entire situation from a bird’s-eye view, and through both a scientific lens as well as an energetic, Eastern-Medicine / Spiritual lens.

Once we are wrapping up the initial visit, I am usually ordering tests for you to do and/or connecting with your medical doctor so that I can gather as much understanding of your health as possible.

You’ll gain access to your Patient Portal. This is an online and app-based portal that only you have access to. You’ll be able to view lab documents and requisition forms, track your food and lifestyle changes, instant message with myself and my support staff, book appointments and view your treatment protocols.

Once we understand the full picture and what we want to begin supporting to get you feeling well, we will decided to meet virtually on a regular basis to track your progress, keep you accountable and tweak your plan as needed. You’ll be given access to online options for purchasing herbs and supplements as well as options to pick these things up at a local store.

The virtual Naturopathic approach offers you convenient and effective way to access Naturopathic Medicine from the comfort of your home and begin your path towards optimal health.

You can book a complimentary free 15-minute meet and greet with me to get to know if I can help you with your health goals – https://p.bttr.to/2W4nwmk

You can also have l listen to my podcast to get a sense of my philosophy around health and healing in mind, body and spirit.